What does POGGERS mean?

What does POGGERS mean?

What does POGGERS Mean?

poggers search

About 10,000 people search this every month.

People also search “What does monkaS mean?” and “What does Pepega mean?”

If you’re one of these people then this post is for you.


POGGERS is a BetterTTV emote.

BetterTTV or Better Twitch TV is a browser extention. It adds many emotes to Twitch chat once installed.

Without the extension you will see the word “POGGERS”. With the extension you should see a frog with a dropped mouth.

Many people use BetterTTV and FrankerZFace which both add emotes to Twitch chat. Many streamers on twitch use these extensions.

If the chat looks like this:

example of bad chat

You probably don’t have these extensions installed. If you see words like POGGERS, LULW, POG, ect, this is why. All these extensions do is convert the strange words into emotes in twitch chat.

Don’t be a boomer and please install the extension if your chat looks like this.

To add the betterTTV extension Click here

Once installed, twitch chat should now have more emotes and look something like this:

example of a good chat

You should be all set now and are no longer a boomer/twitch noob. Have fun.

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